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Play Ojo available Craps game versions

At Play Ojo casino, players can enjoy a variety of Craps game versions. These versions offer unique features and gameplay variations to cater to the diverse preferences of players. Below are some popular Craps game versions available at Play Ojo:

1. Classic Craps

Classic Craps is the most traditional version of the game. It follows the standard rules and gameplay mechanics that have been popular for decades. Players can enjoy the classic dice-rolling action and bet on various outcomes such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, and Don’t Come bets.

2. Crapless Craps

For a twist on the traditional version, Crapless Craps is a great choice. In this version, players cannot lose on the come-out roll (when rolling a 2, 3, or 12), which provides a more forgiving experience. However, this variation also removes the 11 bet, making it a bit different from the classic version.

3. High Point Craps

High Point Craps is a version of the game that focuses on achieving a high total point value. The come-out roll is crucial, as rolling a 2 or 3 ends the round, while rolling an 11 or 12 establishes the point and gives players a chance to win big. It offers a different strategy and unique excitement as players chase high point values.

4. Simplified Craps

As the name suggests, Simplified Craps streamlines the gameplay by reducing the available betting options. It is a great version for beginners or those who prefer a more straightforward and uncomplicated experience. The rules are simpler, making it easy for new players to understand and enjoy the game.

How to play Craps

Now that we have covered some of the available Craps game versions, let’s go through the basic rules and steps of playing Craps:

1. The game begins with the “come-out” roll, where the shooter (the person rolling the dice) throws two dice.

2. If the come-out roll results in a 7 or 11, it is called a “natural,” and the Pass Line bet wins. If it is a 2, 3, or 12, it is called “craps,” and the Don’t Pass Line bet wins.

3. If any other number is rolled, that number becomes the “point.” The dealer places a marker (usually a plastic disc) on the table to indicate the point. The objective now is to roll that number again before rolling a 7.

4. Players can place various bets on different outcomes, such as Pass Line (betting that the shooter will roll the point before a 7), Don’t Pass Line (betting against the shooter), Come (similar to Pass Line but can be placed anytime during the game), and Don’t Come (similar to Don’t Pass Line but can be placed anytime).

5. The shooter continues to roll until they roll the point again or a 7. If the point is rolled, the Pass Line bets win. If a 7 is rolled, the Don’t Pass Line bets win. The round then ends, and a new round begins.

6. Different bets have different payout odds, so understanding the various betting options and their associated probabilities is essential for making informed decisions.

Remember, Craps is an exciting and dynamic game with numerous betting options. It’s always a good idea to start with the simpler versions and progressively explore the different variations available to enhance the gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you play craps?-

Craps is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of a roll or series of rolls of two dice.

What is the objective of the game?+

The objective of craps is to correctly predict the outcome of the roll(s) of the dice and place bets accordingly.

What are the different bets in craps?+

There are various bets in craps, including the Pass Line bet, the Don’t Pass bet, the Come bet, the Don’t Come bet, and many more.

How is a “point” established in craps?+

A “point” is established when the initial roll results in a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. The shooter must then roll the same number again before rolling a 7 in order to win.

What is the house edge in craps?+

The house edge varies depending on the type of bet placed in craps. However, the Pass Line bet and Don’t Pass bet have relatively low house edges compared to other bets.

Can I use any strategies to improve my chances of winning?+

While there are strategies and betting systems that some players use in craps, it is important to remember that the game is primarily based on chance. No strategy can guarantee consistent wins.

Is it necessary to tip the dealers in craps?+

Tipping the dealers in craps is a common practice and considered good etiquette. However, it is not mandatory.

What happens if the dice go off the table?+

If the dice go off the table during a roll, it is considered a no roll and the shooter will have to roll again.

Can I play craps online?+

Yes, there are many online casinos that offer craps Play Ojo Games. However, be sure to choose a reputable and licensed online casino to ensure fair play.

Is craps a game of skill or luck?+

Craps is primarily a game of luck, as the outcome of the dice rolls cannot be controlled. However, players can make strategic bets based on probabilities to maximize their chances of winning.