Play Ojo – Tournaments

Tournaments at Play Ojo

Play Ojo offers exciting tournaments for players to participate in, including both slots tournaments and blackjack tournaments. These tournaments provide an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete against other players for cash prizes.

Slots Tournaments

In slots tournaments at Play Ojo, players compete against each other for a chance to win cash prizes. The rules for slots tournaments are straightforward:

1. Automatic Enrollment: By playing any of the eligible slot games during the tournament period, players are automatically enrolled in the tournament and become eligible to win prizes.

2. Tournament Period: The tournament period varies for each tournament and is clearly mentioned in the tournament details. It is essential to play during this specified time to participate.

3. Scoring: The tournament utilizes a scoring system based on various factors, such as the total amount wagered or the number of consecutive wins. Players accumulate points as they play, and their progress is displayed on a leaderboard.

4. Leaderboard Ranking: The leaderboard shows the top-ranking players, and it gets updated in real-time. At the end of the tournament period, the players with the highest scores on the leaderboard are awarded the cash prizes.

5. Cash Prizes: The cash prizes are distributed among the top-ranking players based on their final positions on the leaderboard. The higher the position on the leaderboard, the larger the cash prize.

Blackjack Tournaments

Play Ojo also offers exciting blackjack tournaments for players who enjoy this classic casino game. Similar to slots tournaments, Play Ojo Blackjack tournaments have specific rules:

1. Auto-enrollment: Players are automatically enrolled in the blackjack tournament upon playing any eligible blackjack game during the tournament period.

2. Tournament Period: The tournament period is clearly outlined in the tournament details. Players must engage in blackjack Play Ojo Games within the specified time frame to participate.

3. Scoring: The scoring system in blackjack tournaments typically depends on factors like the number of hands won and the total amount wagered. Players earn points corresponding to their performance during the tournament.

4. Leaderboard Ranking: A live leaderboard displays the rankings of participating players, reflecting their score and current position. At the end of the tournament, the players with the highest scores secure cash prizes.

5. Cash Prizes: Cash prizes are distributed among the top performers who achieve the highest ranks on the leaderboard. The size of the cash prizes depends on the player’s position in the final leaderboard.

In conclusion, at Play Ojo, players have the opportunity to participate in thrilling Play Ojo Slots and blackjack tournaments where they can win cash prizes. By simply playing the specific game during the tournament period, players are automatically enrolled and have a chance to compete against others to climb the leaderboard and claim their rewards.

Player's NameGameAmount WonDate Won

Matilde Krajcik

Player from Nepal

Play Beach Slot
5,421.90 USD July 11, 2024

Jamil Gorczany

Player from Portugal

Play Book of Legends Slot
4,255.90 USD July 11, 2024

Alysa Grady

Player from Western Sahara

Play Wheel of Fortune
4,565.40 USD July 10, 2024

Devin Schuppe

Player from United States Minor Outlying Islands

Play Starburst Slot
9,869.30 USD July 9, 2024

Mrs. Lue Bradtke

Player from Ethiopia

Play Big Bad Wolf Slot
8,017.50 USD July 9, 2024

Miss Eliane Kessler PhD

Player from Saint Helena

Play Book of Duat Slot
1,818.70 USD July 8, 2024

Karen Stiedemann

Player from Niger

Play Starburst Slot
1,080.30 USD July 7, 2024

Shyanne Murphy I

Player from Ghana

Play Beach Slot
3,793.30 USD July 7, 2024

Sheridan Mohr

Player from Sudan

Play Wild Spin
4,061.60 USD July 7, 2024

Maymie Trantow

Player from Puerto Rico

Play Cash Truck Slot
3,690.40 USD July 7, 2024

Ms. Rosemarie Bartoletti

Player from Bhutan

Play Book of Dead
1,532.70 USD July 5, 2024

Roselyn Ratke

Player from San Marino

Play Piggy Bank Slot
7,447.70 USD July 3, 2024

Miss Celestine Hettinger

Player from Guinea

Play Vampires Slot
9,142.20 USD July 2, 2024

Mathias Lehner

Player from Turks and Caicos Islands

Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot
4,728.70 USD July 2, 2024

Dr. Liam Kertzmann

Player from Serbia

Play Buffalo King Untamed Megaways
3,361.30 USD June 30, 2024

Maxwell O'Hara

Player from Bahrain

Play Take Olympus
7,004.80 USD June 30, 2024

Prof. Dante Emard Jr.

Player from Guatemala

Play Aztec Secret Slot
6,519.30 USD June 29, 2024

Mr. Dallas Keebler

Player from Kiribati

Play Book of Legends Slot
3,566.80 USD June 29, 2024

Mrs. Vesta Kuhic

Player from Saint Barthelemy

Play Wheel of Fortune
9,867.10 USD June 28, 2024

Leanne Smith IV

Player from Saint Barthelemy

Play Take Olympus
6,386.10 USD June 27, 2024